Mildenberger essay in Scientific American on racist roots of the Tragedy of the Commons

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Matto recently published a piece in Scientific American on the legacy of Garrett Hardin for modern environmentalism. As he writes, Hardin’s work was animated by a difficult legacy of discrimination and racism. We need to find new metaphors if we want to build a just and vibrant climate future.

You can read his essay here:

2018 Climate Opinion Maps Released

Updated maps that show the distribution of US climate and energy opinions at the local level have been released. These maps now include fourteen new variables, including perceived experiences related to global warming and support for a carbon tax. Mildenberger is one of the lead researchers preparing and developing these maps through the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication.

You can explore these maps for yourself here.

Mildenberger & Stokes post in Mischiefs of Faction on Vox

In response to the New York Times Magazine article on the US failure to address climate change during the 1980s, Matto Mildenberger and Leah Stokes wrote an article for the Mischiefs of Faction blog on Vox

They argue that human nature is an insufficient explanation for delay on climate policy. Instead, interest groups and partisanship must be included in the discussion.

You can read the post here.

Stokes' op-ed on climate change published in LA Times

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Leah Stokes recently published an op-ed in the Sunday print edition of the LA Times on how the absence of media reporting on climate change during extreme weather events and disasters. This is particularly the case for local news media.

She argues that journalists need to do a better job explaining the climate impacts that are already happening across the planet. The public can also reach out to news media to ask them to report on climate change.