Carbon Pricing Policy and Politics

Despite the absence of a binding global climate agreement, many advanced economies have enacted or attempted major national climate reforms over the past two decades. What accounts for variation between countries in the timing and ambition of these national climate policies?

In a current book project, Prof. Mildenberger  explores variation in the timing and content of carbon pricing policies across advanced economies, with particular attention to the role of carbon polluters in shaping climate policy outcomes.  This book draws from detailed qualitative analysis of climate politics across advanced economies, including 101 interviews with former heads of state, party leaders, cabinet ministers, elected officials, senior bureaucrats, business executives, labor leaders, and environmental advocates in Norway, the United States and Australia. The book also extends to the politics of climate change in Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. 

Other ongoing research by ENVENT lab members on carbon pricing includes:

  • Comparative analysis of political conflict over emissions trading design
  • Impact analysis of carbon taxation on carbon pollution outcomes in Europe
  • Empirical analysis to reconsider the importance of collective action logics for global climate politics
  • Political history of emissions trading adoption in China